Top 3 Highest 2016 Philadelphia Health Insurance Market Share

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December 11, 2018

Curious who the top three companies are when it comes to the highest 2016 Philadelphia Health Insurance Market Share? As a state known for its leading authorities in providing the best and most affordable healthcare plans, it is important to know which ones have the largest market share. It means that people trust them.


This list takes into account various factors—size, stability, plan availability, customer service satisfaction, ratings, competitiveness of prices, the size of provider networks, and online enrollment process.

Independence Blue Cross

One of the biggest provider of health insurance for both individuals and businesses in Philadelphia is the Independence Blue Cross (IBX or IBC). To this day, there are over two million people covered in the whole Philadephia area. They offer a variety of health insurance such as off-exchange contracts, group coverage whether for small or large employers and Marketplace plans.

Companies affiliated to IBC include Tandigm Health, NaviNet, AmeriHealth Caritas, and AmeriHealth.



Aetna is the first-ever national, full-service health insurer which was able to offer individual consumer contracts. What’s unique about their offerings is that their advantage contracts include vision, dental, and prescription drug benefits coverage. Many retirees also prefer this health insurance company since their group products when they were still employees can be converted to other plans once they retire.


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is known for being one of the largest insurers in the whole United States. They are popular for their competitive temporary rates. Regardless of the Open Enrollment period, all of their short-term contracts can be brought any time of the year. These short-term temporary plans are under the brand of “Golden Rule.” Some examples of this include Medical Copay, Medical Plus, Medical Copay Value, and Medical Value.

These companies are investment carriers which offer a variety of plans while still maintaining the best services for its customers. Hence, when deciding where to put your money, make sure to include these three on your list.


Risks Of Finding Your Symptoms Online For A Mental Health Issue

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September 26, 2018

They say adulthood is basically looking up everything on Google. From DIYs to recipes to how to’s to almost anything that comes up. Some adults even rely on the internet when looking up for their symptoms. It is at the age of 30 when we start to feel discomforts which we fear to be signs of a severe medical health issue. Why do people procrastinate when it comes to health? Somehow, they are too confident about how strong they are, until one day, reality knocks and reminds them that they are vulnerable.


What To Know When Selecting A Counselor Or Therapist

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November 5, 2017



Have things been rough lately and you need to talk to someone about it? Finding the right counselor or therapist is important when engaging in the form of talk therapy.  The right professional can assess your situation and help you understand your options. They can provide a confidential listening ear when you need to vent.  You have been considering the idea of talking to someone, but you are confused about the different types of titles and professionals available.  How do you choose? Take the time to learn about the different opinions and methodologies of a therapist in your area; or take it to the next level and sign up to speak with one online.

It is commendable to take the first step in recognizing you need to talk things out. It takes strength and courage to get out there and handle issues alone.  Taking the leap can encourage you to sustain overall good mental health habits and help you stay in control when things get challenging.  Now that you are on the path to making healthy choices you need someone who is qualified to guide and advise you through your trials.  Here are a few basics to keep in mind as you determine the best professional to select.


Learn Professional Titles and Meanings


There are different types of counselors and specialists, and they go by different titles such as social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, and so on. There are specialists and counselors with interchangeable titles such as mental health specialist or a licensed professional counselor. Each of these may have training and certifications that vary. Understanding appropriate titles can help you eliminate certain professionals based on their expertise.


What Type of Professional Is Best?

Choosing the right professional will depend on your situation. Why do you need to talk to a professional? If you want to deal with emotional issues or stress, a counselor may be a helpful option. If you have employee health care coverage, they may have a helpline or online directory to help you find a professional based on insurance. If you feel things are intense or complex and you want extensive treatment, consider a psychiatrist or psychologist. You will also want to learn how the professional provides therapy or counseling sessions. Learn about methods they encourage, and how you can benefit from them.


Selecting a Provider

There are a few ways you can choose a provider for your counseling or therapy. Get recommendations from people you know. You can learn about professionals available under your insurance plan or contact your insurance company for leads.  Community health centers offer free or low-cost counseling options if you don’t have health coverage.  As you learn about different options, make a list of potential providers. Check their history and background as a counselor or therapist. Sometimes you can contact them by phone and talk to them before meeting them in person. The idea is to narrow down your options to a few and learn more about their qualifications. Learn if they have helped people in similar situations as yourself. Have questions ready to ask to learn more about their experience and how they provide services.


Additional Tips on Making a Final Selection


Once you have learned background information about potential professionals, make a decision. Based on qualifications and experience, who do you feel comfortable with scheduling an appointment? Take your time making a selection. You will spend valuable time with this person and have expectations that include improving your livelihood.  Learn what others have said about the professional if there are feedback and reviews available.

It may be a little confusing understanding your options but don’t let it be a barrier keeping you from getting the help you need.  Think about your needs and the qualifications of the specialist or counselor. Choose based on their ability to meet your needs. Once you settle on an option and have your first session, you can make a final call on whether the option is right for you.  If you are not comfortable with them, keep trying by moving on to another professional that peaked your interest during research.  Here is to wishing you the best!

Beating Hypertension Naturally

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February 14, 2017

Introduction to Hypertension

Hypertension, along with diabetes, coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease, is among the most common medical conditions seen in individuals 35 and above. There are approximately 70 million Americans who are known to be hypertensive, and that number is growing as we speak. Hypertension presents with high blood pressure that if uncontrolled for a long period of time, can lead to heart attack, stroke and ultimately death.



Improving Your Mental Health: Life-Changing Techniques

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January 14, 2017


Most of us are so engrossed with losing weight and trying to be prettier than we already are, but only a few are interested to know about how to take care of our mental health.