Dealing with depression has its challenges, but many find ways to cope online.  Going online for help can be done in different ways, and with trusted resources, many find comfort being anonymous when reaching out.  It is suggested to seek professional assistance with any mental health issues, but going online for help can be seen as taking baby steps toward healing. Options such as telephone hotlines, chat forums, online communities, and phone apps are places to start when you want to explore help options privately. Chat rooms, to a certain extent, has advantages too.

Finding Reliable Help


If you have limited or no insurance coverage, you may wonder what options are available.  Sometimes you just want to reach out to someone to talk to about your feelings. A depression chat room or online community is a useful option for people looking to connect with others dealing with depression or other related mental concern.  So what can you do when you want to use the internet to help you cope?  As you plan your next course of action, here are things to consider.

  • Review insurance coverage options. If you have insurance, you can learn about mental health professionals and services they provide. You may find someone providing online therapy options. This option should be your first course of action when seeking depression help.
  • Use an online mental health directory to find a therapist or local support option.  These directories are free to use and may provide more information about therapist options than a directory provided by your insurance company.  You are more likely to find the right professional to match your needs.
  • Contact or visit hospital emergency if in a crisis. You can get immediate assistance for emotional concerns. It may be for a temporary time while at the hospital, but you can obtain information on where to go for long term support.
  • Learn about sources providing help for depression.  While on the internet, it helps to review other sources you can turn to for help. Besides your doctor or mental health specialist, there are community mental health centers, college universities with affiliate programs, social and family service agencies, assistance programs through your employer, and local societies for psychiatric or medical interests.

Using Online Forums or Therapy for Depression


When you feel lonely or sad, an option used by many includes online forums or online therapy also known as e-therapy.  Each option varies because they can be peer-based or led by a mental health specialist or counselor.  Either option allows you to connect with others and share personal feelings and experiences.  It is a convenient way to seek support and learn other ways to cope.  You can get valuable advice on how to improve your mood.

It is a discreet way to get help for your symptoms while gaining an understanding of your personal feelings. It is suggested to research online therapy options with trained professionals experienced in treating depression. If you are uncomfortable being around others, experience difficulty getting to a local therapist, or have questions about depression, it is an option worth looking into.

Additional Insight for Online Depression Help Options

There are several mental health help hotlines to consider if you want to talk to someone by phone. There are chat rooms designated for depression and related mental health issues including crisis chat sources. Such sources can help you get connected to a local source when you need help in person.

Social media provides a vast amount of online communities for depression and related issues such as eating disorders and substance abuse. Sites such as Tumblr and Reddit provide personal stories shared by people like you as motivation. There are digital apps that help you to quickly get connected with others through designated social networks if you want to share personal feelings.

Moreover, you may visit BetterHelp to know how to deal with depression.

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