Facts About Body Odor

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November 7, 2016

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What is Body Odor?

Body Odor is that foul smell caused by bacteria when it breaks down the acids of your body sweat. In medical science, it is called “Bromhidrosis” and everybody produces such smell when they reach puberty. That’s because during puberty, the sweat glands of a person also starts to develop and the bacteria then attacks the sweat.

Why is sweat smelly?

Sweat doesn’t smell at all. It is due to the body composition and sweat glands of the person producing such body odor. When a person sweats, the bacteria will then act its function and that is to break down the sweat coming out of the skin through the sweat glands or the apocrine glands. At times, when the bacteria will break it down, it produces a smell and that is what people term as body odor. The most common type of body odors are produced by the armpits and the feet.

Why is my smelly sweat salty?

Sweat released by the body through the apocrine glands of the skin contains other chemicals like ammonia and urea. These two comes from the protein foods consumed by the person and when it breaks down, it becomes chemicals. Sugars, salts, sodium, chloride and potassium are also present in sweat. The combination of chemicals being excreted by the body makes the sweat “taste” salty.

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Why do I sweat so much?

It’s true that not all people have body odor and it will all boil down to genetics, assuming the person is hygienic and cleans himself thoroughly. When a person is sweating excessively, it can be attributed to another health condition called Secondary Hyperhidrosis. In some cases, too much sweating is a manifestation of Diabetes. Go to your doctor immediately when your body sweat is way beyond normal for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sometimes, I sweat at night on the neck area while sleeping and it has a funny smell – is this normal?

The condition is called as Night Sweats. People with diabetes or at the borderline usually experience this because at night, their sugar levels are low. It causes the sweating. You could say its normal for people with diabetes, but then again, diabetes is a serious illness. If this condition persists, go to your doctor right away.

Why do my pits smell so stinky?

It really depends upon the body composition of a person. If you notice, some families have a stronger body smell than others. Or it could be that some of your siblings stink and some don’t have a smell on their bodies. Genetics play a very big role here when it comes to a person’s body odor. The natural process of releasing sweat and for the bacteria to break it down turns to a “smelly” issue. The chemicals in the sweat together with the dead skin cells create this pungent odor in the armpits. Yes, it’s so unfair that not everyone gets to experience this rotten condition.

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How can I get rid of the smell?

1. Use an antiperspirant while you sleep at night to reduce the sweating in the morning.

2. Apply a deodorant before you leave home to protect you from smelly pits. It would also be nice to use a deodorant with an antiperspirant function. Experts advise the use of unscented deodorant for those whose armpits tend to have a strong smell. Scented deodorant may add to the funky odor of the body.

3. Before you start the day, take a shower and use an antibacterial soap.

4. Keep your armpits dry at all times. Wipe sweat as it comes to prevent bacteria from breeding. Remember that dry areas prevent bacteria formation.

5. You can also try applying hydrogen peroxide solution on those areas that produce a foul smell. One tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of water is the solution. It will kill the bacteria that produces the bad smell.

For others, it is necessary to clean their bodies more than twice a day. Sometimes, the deodorant works for a couple of hours and then, the person will produce that smell again. Go to your doctor for the best products and treatments if your body odor is extremely difficult to manage.

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