“I’m busy.”

That’s the number 1 excuse people have when it comes to focusing on their health and improving their lifestyle. Busy with school, with work, with family: put the word “busy” and it’s an instant acceptable excuse to skip leg days, or live vicariously through takeouts and pizza deliveries–NOT.

Most people assume that their hectic work lives make it impossible to watch their health and well-being, but they wouldn’t even be more wrong. In fact, busy lifestyles make it even more important for people to be careful with their diet and physical fitness. Simply, to say that work prevents you from taking a few minutes to sweat it out is just an excuse. It’s not your work that’s stopping you–it’s you. You might not believe that it’s possible. But with a few tweaks in your overall lifestyle and habits, you’re already more than halfway to a healthier and fitter you. How do you do it? 

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Is it really work?

Most of the excuses come from the overflowing amount of work that needs to be done. But the question is, are you really managing your work properly? Maybe some of the work you’re obsessing over need not be exclusively done by just one person. Why not delegate? If you take a lot of time pouring over just one material, you need to assess your working pace. Stop procrastinating. Drop your phone when you don’t need it to stop yourself from constantly checking it rather than typing out your monthly report. Use your other free time, like the time you spend while commuting to and from work, for things like checking social media or reading the news. Don’t allow yourself to be delayed by the delay of others. If you’re waiting on another colleague’s input, by all means, feel free to move on to the next item on your checklist.

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Write it down and get things done

While on the subject of checklists, most people also lose precious time because they’re unorganized. At the start of the day, write down everything that needs to be done–even things like phone calls to your parents or picking up your dry cleaning. The thing is, relying on your memory won’t cut it. You need to have something concrete to see your progress with your daily tasks to make you more conscious of your time management. Soon, you’ll see improvements not just in your productivity but also in the actual quality of work you produce. It might be a novel concept to some. But, your stress levels will greatly decrease and that’s already a stepping stone towards a better well-being.

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Planning and organizing

Use your free time wisely. You don’t need to spend every second that you’re not at work obsessing over your health habits. What you need is to plan and organize your available resources and time. If you have a nine to five job, maybe hitting the gym is not such a great idea. If you can manage it, that’s great! But if you can’t, there are other alternatives. Studies show that a 20-minute high-intensity interval workout three times a week is enough to get you by. There are lots of healthy recipes that you can prepare overnight or even over the weekend for you to consume. You can avoid the repetitive pattern of eating out and in turn, save money for yourself. In the end, as mentioned above, excuses are just that–excuses. If you really want to be healthier and fitter, you just need to dedicate yourself to the idea and support it with actual actions.

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