They say adulthood is basically looking up everything on Google. From DIYs to recipes to how to’s to almost anything that comes up. Some adults even rely on the internet when looking up for their symptoms. It is at the age of 30 when we start to feel discomforts which we fear to be signs of a severe medical health issue. Why do people procrastinate when it comes to health? Somehow, they are too confident about how strong they are, until one day, reality knocks and reminds them that they are vulnerable.


Reasons Why People Prefer To Look Up Their Symptoms Online:


  • One of the reasons why some people prefer consulting the internet regarding their symptoms is to avoid expenses. They prefer not to go to the doctor to ask about their condition because they think they could save up as it may be nothing.


  • Another reason is the fear of finding out that their condition might be severe. Who wants to hear, “Sorry, you have only five more months to live?” It could be more fearful for some people who have a hypochondria or the fear of having a severe


  • Laziness also plays a part in making a person think twice about getting a professional opinion. The travel time and the effort in going to the clinic are too much for them that they prefer to sit in front of the computer and read about their symptoms. They think they would probably get the same diagnosis.


  • They say “ignorance is bliss.” Indeed, but not when it comes to our health. Knowledge gives us an edge in making sure that we are always in good shape, so not knowing and ignoring symptoms could lead to worsening and even death.


Sometimes, the situation is different like the symptoms that people are feeling seem to be a typical part of life – sadness, exhaustion, worry, fatigue, headache, irritation, and anger. These feelings may be present on any day. However, our instinct should tell us that it is much more than the usual. Our body can sense when it is not just a simple sorrow. It could be a mental health problem such as anxiety and depression. These are not just simple conditions that we should ignore as they could lead to other medical health issues if left untreated.


Risks Of Looking Up Symptoms For Mental Health Issues Online:


  • The Risk Of Misdiagnosis.

We have to remember that doctors spent great years studying their specialty, and there are many things that the internet might not be able to give us like accuracy. Do we even know where to look? For instance, fatigue and headaches. These two are symptoms of many mental health problems and not just one. It is not like we can choose the illness we think is the least dangerous.


  • The Risk Of Getting The Wrong Treatment Or None At All.

When people look up their symptoms online and prefer to look at those with the least severity, chances are they would not get any treatment for it as most of the medications for mental health issues are not available over the counter. It is always best to get a prescription for meds as these have a direct impact on the chemicals in our body.


  • The Risk Of Getting Worse.

If people do not get a proper diagnosis and treatment for their condition, they create a high possibility of worsening their illness. We have to remember that the key to successful treatment is an early diagnosis. So if people deprive themselves of this, it could only mean they are willing to prolong their suffering or they somehow have accepted their condition and longevity.


There is nothing wrong with looking up our symptoms online as long as it is not the end of our query. After gaining knowledge of what might be causing our discomfort or unusual feeling, we should proceed to seek professional advice. There is nothing to lose aside from money which is insignificant compared to our health.

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