The stigma of having a mental illness is always a barrier to obtaining needed help. Certain individuals continue to struggle facing people and discuss their problems face to face. It is a good thing that through internet connectivity, it is now possible to find it comforting to seek online services and talk to some persons afflicted with mental health issues. If you are having some difficulties in finding help and support groups, this article will introduce you to some of the mental health chat rooms that are available online.

Please do take note of the usual precautionary measures when entering and conversing in chat rooms. Being anonymous may give you an advantage but there are certain rules that you need to observe while communicating with other participants.

Some helpful chat rooms

This is actually an online peer health support community that also caters to general health concerns – not only mental health problems or issues. With regards to mental health problems, the site presents chat rooms that cater to anxiety, bipolar, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, gender identity, OCD, phobia, PTSD, and social anxiety.


Lifeline Crisis Chat

This particular chat service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline aims to provide immediate online communication to someone who is depressed, or anyone who is going through a rough time that needs someone to talk to. The chat service has reported successful attempts to save lives by detecting if the person venting out his/her feelings is about to commit suicide. Professional and trained therapists are part of the chat service to help out those that need professional help.

Mental Illness Mouse is a tumbler site that compiled all mental health chat rooms. The author was able to send out links to different chat rooms like Phobic Awareness, Healing Well, Anxiety Space, Recover Your Life, Bodies Under Siege, On Your Mind, Helping Teens, Survivors Chat, Fort Refuge, and Pandy’s.



Benefits of Chat Rooms

As already mentioned in the beginning of this article, entering chat rooms allows venting of feelings, thoughts, and opinions without the fear of being ridiculed personally. The anonymity of the user provides comfort and cover thus allowing him/her to disclose everything that can lighten up his being. Sometimes, one just needs to vent and then everything will just turn out fine.

You will meet different persons that share your own sentiments. The circumstances may be different but the emotional roller coaster ride is somehow similar. When two or more persons share this commonality, they easily form a bond and the friendship circle can help in the recovery process.

Most of the chat rooms offer free services. Considering the fee that you need to pay when you do a doctor’s visit, this feature of a chat room is worth it.

It’s readily available as long as you have an internet connection. There’s no office hours or holidays to observe. The 24/7 online connection and the number of users online are already guarantee that you can talk to anyone.

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